This Hybrid Pilot's Watch with "Sweeping" Seconds Never Needs To Be Wound or Set!

***ONLY $119.99!*** 

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Lock-In Your Price With $25 Deposit…

It’s An Absolute Spec Monster!

-Genuine Seiko “Sweeping” Hybrid Movement

-40mm 316L Stainless Steel Case with Drilled Lugs

-48mm Lug-to-Lug

-10.4mm Thickness

-20mm Lug Width

-Robust 6mm Screw-Down Onion Crown

-100m/10atm Waterproof

-Sapphire Crystal with Internal Anti-Reflective

-X1 C3 Super-LumiNova (17+ Dial Coats)

-Real “Temperature-Blued” Handset Filled with X1 C3 Lume. (Not merely painted blue)

-Stainless Screwed Caseback

-Sterile (No Visible Branding/Origin) Military Dials

-Florentine Rubber, Canvas and Leather Nato Straps Included.

-2 Year Warranty

-$119.99- MSRP is $299.99

-Limit 1 Of Each Dial Per Customer


-Join Waiting List Below!

The Best Of Both Worlds!

Just imagine if I told you…

You can get an authentic “Flieger” (pilot’s) watch that was…

1- Much more accurate… (+/-15 seconds per month!)

2- More robust and reliable…

3- Thinner, lighter, and more comfortable…

4- Almost never needs servicing. And servicing is complimentary if it ever did…


5- Less expensive…

Well, that’s this Hybrid “Mechanical-Quartz” Pilot’s watch from Revenge Watches!

At $119.99… you can’t find a better-equipped watch! Here’s what I mean…

The Same Watch WW2 Pilot’s Wore!

These are accurate reproductions of the watches pilots wore during WW2.

You can choose between the Type A Dial or the Type B Dial.

Both watches are identical in size, spec and price.

Only the dial and handset differ.

My watches also feature hacking seconds (for synchronizing).

It also has a big, fat “onion” crown.

It Doesn’t Tick… It Sweeps:

On the outside, the Revenge Flieger is loaded with vintage military charm!

On the inside, it packs the latest Seiko “Sweeping” Hybrid movement!

It never needs winding.

Nor does it ever need setting- no matter how long it sat.

This Japanese Seiko movement is both mechanical and quartz.

You get the romantic “sweep” of a mechanical movement…

…and the accuracy and durability of quartz.

The Perfect 40mm Brushed Case:

At 40mm, it’s the ideal case diameter.

Pilot’s watches are “all dial.” Fliegers appear larger without being larger.

With a 48mm lug-to-lug measurement, it can fit a wide variety of wrists.

And it’s slim! At a thin 10.4mm height, these watches can tuck elegantly under any shirtsleeve.

Hand brushed finish looks more refined than sandblasted finishes of other Flieger watches.

My cases also feature drilled lugs to swap straps with ease.

Screw-Down 6mm Onion Crown:

The oversized crown came in handy when changing time wearing flight gloves.

This functional onion crown looks great and ensures water resistance to 100m/10atm.

Screw-down design, it’s suitable for swimming and even diving.

These are tool watches you can wear without worry.

Real “Temperature-Blued” Handset:

Temperature-bluing is typically reserved for timepieces costing 4-5 figures.

My handsets are really temperature-blued… not “painted” blue.

We heat the handsets to 275-310 degrees Fahrenheit to produce the blued effect. 

We then fill all handsets with an insane amount of X1 C3 Super-LumiNova lume.

Notice the Type B dial even features its own unique handset.

Sapphire Crystal Included:

The crystal has an internal anti-reflective coating.

This is much more durable than mineral crystal glass.

Only a diamond can scratch it.

It’ll look scratch-free for decades.

Every Dial Gets 17 Coats Of Swiss Super-LumiNova Lume:

The dial also features X1 C3 lume. And we lay it on… no less than 17 coats!

And C3 is the brightest lume amongst all Swiss Super-LumiNova.

It glows in the daytime! Revenge fliegers glow brighter than any watch I’ve seen.

The Price? $119.99.

Compare my Fliegers to Sinn, Damasko, IWC, Stowa, Laco.

Those watches would cost you 3 to 30-times more money.

Some don’t have Blued Handsets…

Some don’t have as much lume…

Yet they’re multiple times more costly.

For what Revenge provides, it’s an incredible value for the dollar.

The actual cost of my watches will be $299.99 in June or July.

But since you will be waiting several months for delivery, you deserve a saving.

And I’m giving you a large one!

At $119.99 with a “Sweeping” Hybrid movement- plus all these specs?


Not if you’re willing to wait ’till June 2021. All you gotta do is reserve your watch(es) today.

Waiting List Only:

I cannot ship you a watch today.

Sorry… I’d love to send you a watch, but we’re sold out.

They always sell out.

I’d have to sell you my personal watch. 🙂

So, you have to wait to receive your watch.

Maybe as late as June 2021.

That’s a decent amount of time to wait- and you deserve a discount for that.

Why do they sell out so fast?

Why is there a waiting list?

One reason is these are small-batch watches.

We make about 500 per month. That’s all.

Another reason? Revenge Watches wants to make a statement.

You have many choices when it comes to timepieces.

A Revenge Watch is over-spec’d and under-priced.

You get your watch for an incredible price of $119.99.

That’s a package you can’t get for twice the price.

Watch-lovers respect and understand that.

That’s why it’s waiting list only.

Keep $1000 In Your Pocket!

Look- for $119.99… you will NOT find a watch with…

A Sapphire Crystal…

17-coats of X1 C3 Super-LumiNova lume…

Screw-Down Crown with 100-meters Water Resistance…

Temperature BLUED Handsets with C3 lume…

…and of course… a Hybrid, Mechanical-Quartz movement from Seiko.

Our watches look identical to $1100 Stowa Fliegers. And you constantly need to set and wind the Stowa.

Limit ONE A-Type Dial and ONE B-Type Dial Per Customer.

This low price of $119.99 is not for dealers or wholesalers.

So… I have to put a limit on each version to ONE per customer.

You can buy one of each… but not more than one of each.

When they’re available without a waiting list, you’re free to purchase as many as you want at the regular price of $299.99.

Just A $25 Deposit Required Today:

And I don’t expect you to pay-in-full today.

All I need is your email address and a $25 PayPal deposit to order.

Settle up the balance once the watches are ready to ship.

Your good word today reserves you this amazing watch!

Your $25 deposit is held “in-escrow” using PayPal.

PayPal does not share your credit card information with me. And, you have 180-days of protection to dispute the deposit if I can’t deliver your watch by June.

They’re protecting your deposit. Of course, I will deliver on or before June. It’s there to ease your mind.

June 2021 Delivery:

Deliveries of the next batch of 500 will start before June 2021.

When you wait, you save. And you save a lot!

At this low price, this could very well be the best bang for the buck, dollar for dollar values in all watches right now.

And to make it even sweeter, you don’t need to pay up-front today.

Lock-up your watch for a $25 “escrow” deposit.

I will send you an email when the watch is in and you can settle up the balance then.

Until then, you can secure your watch with your good word.

Never Needs To Be Set Or Wound!

This is the ultimate “grab and go” watch.

You do not need to set it every time you wear it.

You do not need to worry about it being wound up.

It’s ready for action at a moment’s notice.

What’s great about this watch is it’s “Sweeping” Hybrid Mechanical and Quartz movmeent.

It is the best of both worlds.

It’s sweeps 4 times a second… like a vintage mechanical movement…

Yet, it’s as accurate as the best Quartz watches available.

I’m talking 15 seconds per month.

There are $1000 pure-mechanical watches that are off 15 seconds a DAY!

Questions? Email Me.

Did I miss something on this page? If you have questions, just shoot me an email.

[email protected] is my email address.

If you’re ready to order… just select which dial you want below.

The A-Type dial or the B-Type dial.

I’d say 80% opt for the B-Type dial.

Remember, just a $25 deposit is required today.

It costs me many times that just to make your watch.

Your $25 “escrow” deposit secures your watch at this price.

Regular price will be $299.99.

At $119.99… you canNOT find a better watch out there for the price. There is, however, a limit of 1 of each dial per customer at this low price. 

Secure your’s today at $119.95… why pay $299.99 later?

In June… I’ll send you an email when your watch is ready to ship.

Which Version Do You Want? Each Watch Is Only $119.99. Pay Just $25 (via PayPal) Today. This “Escrow” Deposit Comes Off Your Balance.

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