The Mil-Sub Dive Watch Re-Imagined By Revenge Watch Co.

Original Rolex Mil-Subs were created, manufactured and distributed solely for British military use. Never made available to civilians. Mil-Subs were used by clearance divers and the Special Boat Service. Special Forces soldiers are not famous for “taking it easy” on their equipment. Most of the 1200 watches have been either lost or destroyed long ago. We’re talking nearly 50 years. They weren’t worth $100,000 back then. Divers treated them as if they were modern-day G-Shocks. The scarcity of the Mil-Sub is why they change hands at auction for $100,000…$150,000… $181,000 and more!

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Original Rolex Milsubs Sell For $100,000!+

What if you desire the Mil-Sub’s aesthetic, but don’t have $181,000 kicking around to buy the genuine article?
Revenge has re-created the Mil-Sub for people with a fetish for military watches. It’s in our opinion, the most true-to-original homage you can get. Exact in every measurement… dimension… weight… water resistance.

The Revenge Watch "Mil-Sub" Watch IOHO Is The Most Accurate Homage Available!

Faithfully accurate Mil-Sub with 2020 updates.

We actually 3D measured the exact parameters of the Rolex Submariner case. Our Mil-Sub case is 100% faithful in diameter and thickness. We’ve spent much time on the crown-guard to ensure it’s accuracy. And we can’t forget about the bezel! We’ve even made dozens of experiments to ensure the “clicks” sounded like the original! We’ve measured the frequency of a genuine to make sure our click was the same exact Hertz! Obsessive? Not for us.

40mm Stainless steel case- 1:1 reproduction of the original.

We don’t just use any old ordinary stainless steel for the case. No, we went a step further and made sure we used 316L stainless steel- just as Rolex used on their Mil-Sub. It measures 13mm thick- just as the original. It weighs identical- down to the gram. And at the classic 40mm diameter- most men can wear it without it being too “blingy” or clunky.

Mil-Sub “Maxi” dial- 1:1 reproduction of the original.

The dial used in genuine Mil-Subs is known as the “maxi” dial. This means the geometric markings are enlarged. The only difference is the lume material. We couldn’t use the radioactive Tritium they used back in the day. Our dial uses the top-grade Italian Super-Luminova. Each hour indicator that define the Submariner dial are bolder than other models. We stayed true to the original and this dial is in exact proportion as the original Mil-Sub. A genuine dial was actually scanned so we’d get ours 100% accurate. The black color is a dead-on match. It’s so close to the original, we didn’t feel it appropriate to even adorn the dial with our brand name. We chose to go with a de-branded look. Nowhere does it say Revenge on the dial. It’s a stealth, minimalist design.

Swiss movement- 2020 spec, 20-times more accurate.

We didn’t use a genuine Rolex movement. The cost of this watch would be several multiples of what we ask. But what is a movement’s most important task? It’s accuracy. The Swiss ETA is “regulated” making it 20x more accurate than even 2020 Rolex movements. The best 2020 Rolex will be off about 2 seconds per day. And that’s amazing considering most watches are 4-6 seconds off per day. The Swiss “hacking” movement used in the Recon Mil-Sub is accurate to 1/10th of a second per day. It’ll take 514 days to be just 1 minute off. We used the modern technology of crystal regulation for unheard-of accuracy. Accuracy not obtainable from 2020’s Rolexes, let alone 1970’s models!

Continually graduated 60-minute bezel- 1:1 reproduction of the original.

Off-the-shelf Rolex Submariners have minute markers for just the first 15 minutes. Mil-Subs had minute “hash” marks for each of the 60-minutes on the rotating bezel. What’s the purpose of the rotating bezel with minute markers? Divers need to monitor diving time and decompression stops. That’s the purpose of the dive watch. What they do is rotate the bezel’s lumed triangle to align with the minute hands current position. As the minute hand rotates around the dial, the bezel tracks how much time has elapsed for up to an hour. While you may not use the bezel to measure dive times, you certainly could! You may find yourself using it to measure more civilian tasks. Tasks like measuring your lunch break or the time you spent on the treadmill this morning.
The edge of the bezel has a serrated grip that is easy to grasp and stays true to the Mil-Sub look. Turning the bezel is a genuine pleasure that reassures you of this purchase every time you hear it click. The mechanism has substantial resistance to it. It certainly won’t budge without intentional force but is not so stiff as to be impractical. And when you turn it, the snap of the bezel locking into place is genuinely sublime; it’s actually loud.

Sword and gladiator hands- 1:1 reproduction of the original.

Even to this day, Rolex uses what’s known as the “Mercedes-style” hands-on their watches. The Ministry of Defense wanted an easier to read handset for their Mil-Sub. So they had Rolex ditch the off-the-shelf hands. They replaced them with meatier “sword and gladiator” hands. And the seconds hand was exchanged with one with an arrow at its end. The fat hour hand is a great visual detail. It shows this watch is not only authentic; it adds that military look. And that separates the Mil-Sub from the civilian models. The hands were made thicker to hold more luminescent paint. The handset on the Revenge Mil-Sub is an identical recreation of the 1970’s handset. So identical, in fact, that the hands we use are used as replacement hands-on genuine $100,000 Rolex Mil-Subs!

300/m water resistance- the original was just 200/m.

While your Mil-Sub may never see water deeper than a shower or a pool… it’s nice to know we’ve even recreated the water resistance. The original Mil-Subs from Rolex were good for 200 meters. The Revenge Mil-Sub can handle 300/m. You can use this watch for diving, no different than how the originals were used and abused by the military. We went to great lengths to make our Mil-Sub a genuine “tool” watch. This is not just an homage in appearance only. It writes checks that it can actually cash.


Case Diameter: 40mm 

Case Thickness: 13mm

Lug Width: 20mm

Weight: 90g

Crystal: Mineral Crystal with AR coating

Lume: Hour markers, hour and minute hand plus on the bezel

Movement: Swiss ETA (accurate to 1/10th second/day)

Water Resistance: 300m to 300% ISO Standard 6425

Case Finish: Brushed 316L Stainless Steel 

Warranty: 2 years

Country: Swiss Made

$100 Off + Free Safari Mil-Sub!

Our Mil-Sub retails for $159. We usually reserve a special $100 OFF price for our past customers. Well… when you order one your’s today, we’re going to give all customers, past and new the $100 discount. So your Mil-Sub will NOT cost you the $159 retail price. Nope. It’ll cost you just $59. And to sweeten the pot even more… you’ll receive our next watch… the Safari Mil-Sub FREE (in abut 35 days).

Numerous 2020 Updates From The 1970's Original. (Shown Above).

Limited edition.

We’re producing just 1979 issues of this Mil-Sub. Why 1979? That was the last year Mil-Subs were in use by the British Navy. To pay homage to that last year of service, we’re capping our production at just 1979 editions. Genuine article Mil-Subs are worth $180,000 because they produced just 1000. There will never be more than 1979 issues of our Mil-Sub. Since our’s lacks military pedigree, they’ll never be worth $100,000 like a period Mil-Sub. But we’d still like them to increase in value. Maybe not as drastic as period Mil-Subs, but we’d like to see them trading hands at $1000 one day.

Swiss-Made quality.

Swiss watch companies have access to only so many case makers, crystal makers and dial makers. We all use pretty much the same contract manufacturers. For example, the crystal one supplier mades goes in this $159 Mil-Sub. That same supplier makes identical crystals for other watch companies. Only others use the crystal in a watch they charge $10,000 for. A quality watch uses 316L stainless steel… it’s the identical material used in $10,000 dive watches today. Same with the dial, the bezel, the crystal. The main thing you’re paying for with those $10,000 dive watches is the brand name and a fancy leather box. Our Mil-Sub uses the same metals, the same glass, everything is the same.

First Production Run Completely SOLD OUT!

Waiting list only.

We can’t keep these in stock. We couldn’t ship you a Mil-Sub today even if we wanted to. We do have a shipment on it’s way to our showroom. There’s probably less than 500 watches in transit to us as you read these words. Before this small batch sells out, do you want us to reserve in advance a Mil-Sub for your 30-day evaluation? No need to pay today. Pay when they’re ready to ship to you- in about 2 weeks.

Order yours today. No Credit Card Required!

If you believe a Revenge Mil-Sub would make you a happier man in everyday life, you should get one. You only live once. Plus, the enjoyment of wearing this watch will last longer than the thought of spending $59 today. But you don’t even have to spend any money today. You can order yours today- without payment. You can order one of the 1979 Mil-Subs before they’re sold out by filling out the form below. All we need is your name and email address. We’ll email you when your watch has been approved for shipment.

At just $59, you can wear it and ENJOY it free from worry. As a soldier would. Can’t say that about a $4000 watch- or even a $900 watch. Wear it to the gym. Wear it in the garage. Beat the hell out of it. Soldiers did.

We Couldn't Ship You One Today If We Wanted To.

We have ZERO Mil-Subs in our warehouse today. We couldn’t ship you one out today if we wanted to. But there’s good news. We’ll have a few hundred in our warehouse in about 10-14 days. First come, first served. Limit 1 per customer! If you asked me, I’d imagine they’ll sell out within a few hours. You want this watch. You can order yours today- no credit card required. We’ll put your name on the order list… and once they are ready to ship- then you can settle up. Your good word is your bond. We’ll send you an email with a payment link once the watches are in-stock. Just pay up within 24 hours of receiving the link.

Evaluate It In-Person For 30-Days!

Of course, you’re going to love this watch. And not because we did anything earth shattering here. No- we simply measured the original Mil-Sub and recreated it in exact proportions. Also using the exact same materials. We didn’t change the colors. We didn’t alter the dial or the bezel. It’s so true to the original if the dial said Rolex… it would fool practically everyone. It would take a jeweler’s “loupe” to tell it from the Rolex. And with a price of just $197, you’d think we’re fooling you. But we’re not. And don’t even think of considering yourself the new owner of your Mil-Sub until you wear it for a full month. You either fall in love… or you send it back for a refund. If you think these images on a glass screen look awesome, just wait til this baby is on your wrist. You’re going to be doing “wrist checks” every few minutes!

Is This A Watch For You?

Who wears a watch like this?

This is not a watch for sissies. We’ll come right out and say it. It’s for guys who are fearless. Guys who have courage. Guys not scared to take a risk in life. Adventure-seekers. Guys who don’t take crap from anyone. Guys who want to wear a watch that best describes their character. Confident. Astute. Educated. Who needs one? Few. Who wants one? Nearly everyone. Other guys will admire this watch in pure envy. It’s masculine, but you’ll be amazed by how many women also compliment it. It may have you wondering, is it me or is it the watch? In the end, does it even matter? No. Enjoy the newfound attention and admiration.

On the wrist:

How much will you enjoy your Mil-Sub? The biggest drawback to this watch is you’re not going to stop wearing it. The other watches in your collection are going to start gathering dust. You’ll see! I don’t know if it’s the weight of it. I don’t know if it’s the way the 316L stainless steel case is polished. Maybe it’s the unique “sword and gladiator hands”. Whatever it is, it’s a hard watch to take off. You’ll find yourself reaching for this Mil-Sub every morning… even if you own Submariners made by Rolex.

Order Yours Today- No Credit Card Required.

At $159, the Revenge Mil-Sub is worth every cent you pay for it. Most will probably say a few hundred more, too. You can spend $10,000 on a watch and get nothing additional. You’re never going to want to take this watch off. It’s the most true-to-the-original homage you can get. Same materials. Same weight. The bezel even clicks with the same resounding click as the original. You don’t need to spend 6-figures to enjoy this Mil-Sub.

$100 OFF for past customers and new customers!

We’re extending this $100 discount to all our customers- new and old. So instead of $159… this watch is just $59 for an extremely limited time!

FREE SAFARI Edition Mil-Sub when you order today!

In about 35 days, we’ll be releasing our new SAFARI MIL-SUB. It’s case is sand colored as is it’s NATO strap. You will get this SAFARI MIL-SUB for FREE when you order your stainless steel Mil-Sub today. So, two killer watches for the price of one!

Order Today: No Credit Card Required.

We do not need your credit card today. All we need is your name, your email address, and your good word. By saying “yes”, you are guaranteed one of our next Revenge Mil-Subs. Plus, you’ll also receive the Safari Issue Mil-Sub for FREE. The stainless steel will become available in approximately 10-14 days- the Safari in about 35 days. We do not need a payment today. Your good word is your bond. You’ll pay us when the watch is ready to ship. We will send you email updates over the next few days about the progress of your watch. Can you see this tough-as-nails TOOL watch on your wrist? If the answer is YES… then order yours today. At $59… TWO WATCHES… it’s a no-brainer.