The 1760 Invention That Shook The Watch Industry.

In 1760, master watchmaker Andre-Charles Caron (kuh-RONE) had a eureka moment. He realized he could juice up watch lover’s interests by omitting the watch dial to reveal more of the movement.

In 1760, Andre-Charles produced the very first “skeletonized” watch movement. Where watchmakers delete the front dial- revealing the watch’s complex inner workings.

Word spread about Caron’s “skeletonized” movement. And watch lovers from all over France swarmed his little Paris shop.

We’re paying homage to Andre-Charles Caron. We’ve named our skeletonized watch in his namesake.

Introducing, the $29 micro-production CARON skeletonized watch by Revenge Watches.

Crafting a skeleton watch is as difficult as it is striking. Start with the steadiness of a surgeon. Watchmakers begin to drill minute holes in the various parts. They then carve the edges to 45-degree angles with a chisel and even carve intricate patterns. Each part must be precise, or else it fails.

No wonder watch collectors say skeletonized watches are the holy grail amongst watches. And they’re sky-high prices reflect that as well!

Skeletons Are Normally Very Expensive! But You Can Have This One For $29!

A trip to a high-end watch boutique reveals the extreme cost of skeletonized watches. The Vacheron Constantin Patrimony retails for $166,000. The Piaget Altiplano retails for $192,000. And even more costly… the Audemars Piguet Edward Piguet skeleton will set you back a whopping $305,000. Basically the price of a nice house.

Those prices are no doubt influenced because of the expensive brand name. Companies like AP and Vacheron are conglomerates. Multi-billion-dollar faceless corporations. Now you can get an almost equally impressive skeletonized watch for a fraction of the price.

At $29, This Is The Cheapest Automatic You Can Buy… But You Can’t Get One Today.

A micro-brand is a small-scale brand. We’re not the size of Rolex. We don’t make 100,000+ watches per year. We make less than 2000 actually. More exclusive than Rolex or Audemars Piguet. Even more exclusive than Patek Phillipe as they sell 50,000 watches per year.

It’s going to be a rare circumstance you’re ever in a room with another man wearing a CARON. And good news! Exclusivity doesn’t need to come at a high price.

In fact, our skeleton watch retails at $5999 with a white gold case. Still a bargain amongst other skeletonized watches from conglomerate brands. But, we’ve also just released a version for the low introductory price of $29. Regular price will be closer to $1000 down the line. The difference between the $5999 version and the $29 watch? The case material. Where one is white gold, we make this $29 version from stainless steel alloy.

If the precious metal of white gold is not important to you… you can enjoy the very same watch for a fraction of the cost. Both watches, regardless of case material, are indistinguishable from each other. The only way to tell the difference is the white gold version weighs more. But the stainless steel alloy cased version is no lightweight. It weighs in at 90 grams. Stainless is a heck of a lot more durable as well.

Why would we sell you this watch for just $29? Obviously we’re not going to make money on this first sale. In fact, we’re going to LOSE MONEY selling you this watch. Why we do that? Well… after you own one of our watches, chances are you will collect more down the line. As we release new watches, you’ll have first access to them. Then and only then- down the line- and once you’re satisfied do we deserve to make money.

A Live Show Every Time You Look At Your Wrist!

It’s like a miniature factory that you wear. Observe as the mainspring powers various gears… all turning in precision. Like a small show, right on your wrist. The weighted balance wheel oscillates back and forth at a constant rate. Then the escapement releases the watch’s wheels. This allows them to move forward in a small amount with each swing of the balance wheel. The escapement is like a little v-shaped hammer. From this escapement hammer comes the ticking sound you hear from a mechanical movement. From the backside, watch as the rotor rotates, self-winding the movement. At any given time, there are 2… 3… 4 things going on. It’s like wearing a living, breathing creature… only it’s a mechanical marvel.

Fully AUTOMATIC Movement. ONLY $29! This Is Not A Missprint!

This is probably the cheapest AUTOMATIC watch in the World. Even if you’re new to watch collecting… you know mechanical movements are king. Most watches under $300 use Quartz movements. That means battery-powered. Watch aficionados frown upon Quartz-powered watches. Our CARON skeletonized watch is FULLY MECHANICAL and FULLY-AUTOMATIC. That means you wind it up and it runs. The movement of your body self-winds the watch as well. It does not run off a battery.

Mechanical movements are the choice of high-end movements. The kind found in Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet. Any watch that commands respect amongst collectors employs a mechanical movement.

Masculine 42.5mm Case.

It’s a masculine dressy executive watch. Dive watches are popular because of their large diameter case… but you can’t always wear a dive watch. Sometimes you want or need to wear an executive watch. Problem with many dress watches is their small case diameter. A Rolex Presidential is 36mm. The CARON is 42.5mm. Very masculine… yet very professional.

Scratch-Proof Crystal With AR Coating.

Wear it worry-free as the scratch-resistant crystal brushes off bangs, dings, and scratches. We’ve also coated the crystal with an AR (anti-reflective) coating. This creates a glare-free window into the heart of the watch. You can see right into the workings of the movement without crystal clarity.

Exhibition Back.

And what good is skeletonizing the front dial without doing the same to the backside? Instead of a solid case back… your CARON will have what’s called an Exhibition Back. What that means is, the backside of the watch will put on a show for you as well. You can see even more cogs, springs, rotors… all moving in horological precision. You may find yourself staring at this movement more than your phone!

A Guaranteed Conversation Starter.

Put it to the test. Walk up to the bar and put your hand on the bar. Observe as the man next to you glances down and notices your watch. All the cogs and hammers and sprockets moving sure do catch attention. Men and women gauge a man’s status by the watch he wears. Put your best foot forward with your CARON skeletonized automatic watch.

Observe as other men stare at it in admiration. Enjoy it as women come up to you and actually grab you by the wrist to get a closer look. And if they want to believe you’ve spent $166,000 like the Vacheron Constantin costs… let them! Your secret is safe with us. In fact, you’ll chuckle when they think you’ve spent thousands… when you really spent just $29.

36-Hour Power Reserve.

Our CARON skeletonized timepiece is automatic. It needs to be worn and/or wound. We’ve made sure to use a 36-hour mainspring as a power source. A fully-wound mainspring will provide enough “juice” for about 36 hours of ticking.

Beats 6 Times Per Second (21,600 BPH)

The best automatic watches have a seconds hand that “sweeps” ever so slightly. Inexpensive Quartz watches perform a tick, tick, tick for every second. Our movement elegantly “sweeps” at 6 ticks per second. The highest quality movements have 21,600-28,800 beats per hour.

$5999 In White Gold.

Do you fancy the thought of white gold? You can put an order in for the CARON skeleton in stainless/titanium alloy… or 18kt white gold. The only difference between the two versions is the case material. Everything else is identical. Identical strap. Identical movement. Identical tang buckle. Identical crown. Assembled by the same technicians at the same manufacturing house. Tested and regulated the same as well. You’ll also get a deluxe box with the 18Kt white gold version. But not everyone has the desire to pay $5999 for a watch. Feel uncomfortable about wearing a gold watch? Worried about how durable soft white gold is? Well, you can buy the stainless steel/titanium alloy version and save a boatload of money. Also- stainless is a lot more durable than softer 18kt gold.

Hand Tuned For 30-Days.

When our technicians complete a CARON skeleton- it does not ship for 30-days. Once a master craftsman completes a timepiece, it is wound and measured for an entire month. If the timepiece requires regulation, a technician will perform the task. We measure each movement with a Witschi Chronoscope M1. We tune each movement for the best timekeeping possible.

2-Year Warranty.

Like large watch companies, we offer a 2-year warranty against defects. You’re protected for any time during the first 24 months after you bought. If the watch does not perform as expected, we will repair or replace at our cost.

Black Luxurious Genuine Leather Strap. Brown Included FREE.

The CARON skeleton comes with a 22mm black genuine leather strap. The leather strap is supple and has an intoxicating leather scent. Watch straps like this can cost as much as $200 alone. Do you like brown leather also? You don’t need to choose between brown or black- we’ll send you the brown strap for FREE when you order by Wednesday, November, 13.. This way, you can swap out straps when you want a fresh look without having to buy a new watch. We’ll include this extra strap in your order- for no additional charge!

First Batch SOLD OUT!

Like we said at the top, you canNOT buy this watch today. Not even if you wanted to pay 10-times the $29 “loss leader” price. Why? To be frank… we’re sold out. When news spread of our $5999 CARON skeleton in stainless steel/alloy for just $29… it created a frenzy. Our initial production run evaporated almost overnight. You canNOT get a cheaper automatic mechanical watch in America! So, yes- we’d like to sell you a watch today and bring you into the brand. But we simply cannot. However, if you can wait about 2 weeks… we’ll have a small batch of 500 watches ready to ship. First come, first served. We produce less than 2000 watches per year. Partly because mechanical skeletonized movements are very laborious to produce. If you can wait 2 weeks… you can be wearing a limited edition, mico-brand CARON on your wrist.

Order Yours Today- No Credit Card Required.

We do not need your credit card today. All we need is your name, your email address, and your good word. By saying yes, you are guaranteed one of our next 500 CARON skeleton timepieces. They will become available in approximately 2 weeks. We do not need a payment today. Your good word is your bond. You’ll pay us when the watch is ready to ship. We will send you email updates over the next few days about the progress of your watch. Can you see this mesmerizing mechanical marvel of a watch on your wrist? If so, order yours today. It’s just $29! You won’t even notice that money was spent. But what you WILL notice is the amazing mechanical watch you own. Every time you glance at your wrist, you will experience happiness and joy. And not just for a week or two… but years!

30-Day In-Home Evaluation

And I almost forgot, our CARON skeleton watch must bowl you over. If not, send it back for a full and complete refund of your $29. This way, there’s no risk on your behalf. If we had boutiques, you could try the watch on in person. But a boutique’s overhead would no doubt add to our watch’s cost by several thousands of dollars. You save a boatload of money by ordering through the mail.

Order Today: No Credit Card Required.

We do not need your credit card today. All we need is your name, your email address, and your good word. By saying “yes”, you are guaranteed one of our next 500 CARON skeleton timepieces. They will become available in approximately 2 weeks. We do not need a payment today. Your good word is your bond. You’ll pay us when the watch is ready to ship. We will send you email updates over the next few days about the progress of your watch. Can you see this mesmerizing mechanical marvel of a watch on your wrist? If the answer is YES… then order yours today. At $29… it’s a no-brainer.