The Benrus Military Watch Re-Imagined By Revenge Watch Co.

The Legendary Benrus Type I Military Watch Of The ‘70s. Want one? Well… the only way to get one back in the day was to earn one. And to earn one, you had to enlist. Army, Navy, Air Force… take your pick. Ship out to boot camp for basic training. Then hop on a military plane to some hellhole like Vietnam. Or somewhere even worse. If you were lucky enough to make it back home alive and in one piece… your Benrus Type I watch was yours to keep.

The Benrus Type I has been re-imagined and updated by Revenge Watch. You can now get a brand-new Type I watch with a few clicks on your keyboard. No enlisting required.

SOLD OUT! However, we couldn’t ship you out a watch today if we wanted to. We are completely SOLD OUT. If you want one, you’ll have to wait a little while. You can place your order today- no credit required and pay when it ships. Limit 1 per customer.

Original Benrus Type I and Type II Sell For THOUSANDS!

Land, sea or air… when you think about all the things a military watch should be, what would you think?

Robust… Legible… Functional?

No watch comes as close to perfection as the 1970’s Benrus Type I dive watch. (That’s why we’ve brought it back but with 2020 technology.)

These watches had everything divers and combat units needed and nothing they didn’t.

Must-haves like a super-solid case, a highly readable dial, and simple functional features. All this makes the Benrus Type I a real classic among military and dive watches.

American forces wrote MIL-W-50717. A military specification that outlined the watch design details. It listed what they were looking for in a dive watch. Benrus delivered with their Type I.

It was the height of the Vietnam War. About 6000 watches were needed to outfit military divers working in the Mekong Delta.

The Benrus Type I was never made available to civilians. The only way to get one in the late 1960’s to early 1980’s was to EARN ONE. And to earn one… you had to enlist.

Here’s a beat-up 1979 Benrus Type II for sale on eBay for $2999! Three Grand. For a beat-up 40-year-old watch. (see above screencap)

Collectors routinely fork over $3000… $4000 and more for decent-quality Benrus Type I’s. Even still, you have to worry about the reliability of a 40+-year-old watch. Revenge Watch Company has recently re-imagined the Benrus Type I… identical dimensions… plus we loaded it with 2020 technology. The best part… it won’t cost you $4000… not even a 10th of that. The worst part? You can’t get one today because we’re completely SOLD OUT. But don’t let that stop you from learning more about our Type I.

The Revenge Watch Type I Military Watch Is Awesome.

The Dial And Hands:

The dial of the Type I pays homage to the original Benrus design. Easy to read underwater where legibility is compromised by murky water. And the same for pilots. Large indices are full of a bright loom. There’s also generous lume material painted to the hands as well. Also true to the original, there is absolutely no garish branding on the dial whatsoever.


The Bezel:

The Type I has a 120-click unidirectional bezel. It’s a bezel design that makes this watch a jack of three trades and master of the thrice. The bezel’s design straddles the line between land, sea, and air. It’s a pure diver, it’s a tactical field watch and it’s also a pilot’s watch. It features a GMT function for keeping track of 2 different time zones. It also measures elapsed dive time for up to 60-minutes. The first 20 minutes have 1-minute indexes. This is to calculate mandatory decompression stops as divers resurface from deeper dives. Divers sometimes need to stop for as long as 20-minutes at a time for decompression. Also- with 130 ft. dives, 15 minutes is the maximum time a diver can spend at that depth without decompression.  The bezel can be used to measure as little as 1 minute to up to 12 entire hours. This bezel is built to ISO Standard 6425 for professional dive watches. A lumed “pearl” glows brightly at the 12 position.


How The Bezel Tracks Two Times Zones:

It’s common for pilots to fly through one, two, three time-zones. As long as the “home” time is less than 12 hours, you can track 2 time zones by rotating the bezel. Here’s how it works: Say you want the bezel to tell the local time of the destination. Say it’s 3 hours ahead of “home” time. Say it’s 8 PM. What you would do is rotate the bezel until the 11 is at the dial’s 8 o’clock marker. Now when it’s 9 PM… the bezel will show 12. At 10 PM… the bezel will show 1 AM, and so on.


The Case, Crown And Crystal:

The case is built according to military specification MIL-PRF-4637G. Identical to the original Benrus. This case is designed to withstand the challenges faced in a professional environment. It needed to function in high-altitude. It needed to withstand extreme changes in pressure and altitude. Water-resistance is 100m. That’s 330 feet. The extended asymmetric case has a purpose. Besides looking awesome… the shape creates a serious set of crown guards for the screw-down crown. This functional design keeps the crown from digging into the back of a soldier’s hands. Also, the crystal is much harder than the one used on the original Benrus. The domed crystal also features an anti-reflective coating so it can be easy to read in the cockpit.


The Movement:

The Revenge Type I is light years ahead of the Benrus in terms of accuracy. Military combat situations demand the most accurate movement. A few seconds can mean the difference between life and death. The caliber 2315 “hacking” super-quartz movement employed in our Type I is accurate to one-tenth of a second a day. It’s so accurate, it’ll take 514 days to be off by just 1-minute. The best Rolex watches will be about 2 seconds a day off. It would take our Type I TWENTY entire days to be as off as a Rolex is in just 1 day. So you can say it keeps time 20-times better than the best Rolex.


What Is A “Hacking” Movement? And Why You Should Want One.

In combat situations, having perfectly “synchronized” time amongst the entire team is absolutely required. How do you sync a watch? Well, you can’t unless it is a “hacking” movement. The movement in our Type I does hack. Hacking means when the crown is pulled out to its furthest position, it stops the second’s hand cold. Basically freezing time. The team will all set their hours and minutes… one team member will set his watch one minute slow and then all but this one team member will pull their crowns out at 00 seconds- stopping the watch. Now, one team member who left his crown in will count down “5… 4… 3… 2… 1… SET” when his second’s hand reaches 00. When he says “set” the rest of the team will push their crowns in, restarting their watch. This way every team member’s watch will be synced down to the second. In regular life, we’d probably sync our watch to our iPhone’s clock.


The Strap:

The 20mm NATO strap on the Type I is also built according to mil-spec. Mil-S-46383B to be exact. The strap is made from heavy-duty nylon and is extremely comfortable. Why a NATO strap? Well, a NATO strap is a 1-piece strap that is inserted over the top spring bar. It then goes under the case and up and out the bottom spring bar. The reason for this? If a spring bar failed on a 2-piece watch strap, the watch would fall off. If a spring bar failed on a NATO strap… the watch case would still be attached to the other spring bar. Plus, NATO straps look really cool!


On The Wrist:

It’s such a joy to wear, you’ll find yourself reaching for your Type I every morning- even if you own IWCs and Rolexes. It looks masculine but wears small. It’ll always be running, telling the time almost as accurate as the atomic clock itself. One thing is for sure… you’ll get compliments on a daily basis. It’s cool to wear the same watch fearless SEAL team members, Navy Divers, and Army Special Forces wore. You don’t have to be a soldier on the battlefield to wear our Type I. You can simply be a soldier in the boardroom. Or on the sales floor.


Guaranteed To Satisfy You.

If this design can satisfy the US military for combat use, it should satisfy you. But if for any reason (or no reason at all) you’re not thrilled, send it back. Photos on this website can only go so far. In order to really fall in love with the watch… you need to hold it in your hands. You need to feel the texture of the bead-blasted case. The heft. The click of the unidirectional bezel. You’re going to be amazed this watch does not cost at least several hundred dollars.


Case Diameter: 41.25mm (45 across)

Case Thickness: 15mm

Lug Width: 20mm

Weight: 90g

Crystal: Domed Mineral Crystal with AR coating

Lume: Hour markers, hour and minute hand plus on the bezel

Movement: Miyota 2315 (accurate to 1/10th second/day)

Water Resistance: 100m to ISO Standard 6425

Case Finish: Bead-blasted titanium alloy finish

Warranty: 2 years

Country: Japan Made

$200 FREE With Your Order.

Our Type I retails for $159. We usually reserve a special $100 OFF price for our past customers. Well… when you order one your’s today, we’re going to give all customers, past and new the $100 discount. So your Type I will NOT cost you the $159 retail price. Nope. It’ll cost you just $59. And to sweeten the pot even more… we’ll include a $100 coupon code, good for use on any future watch we release (over $100). So if the next watch we come out with is $100… you can get it for free. If it’s $129… you get it for $29.

Numerous 2020 Updates From The 1970's Original. (Shown Above).

At first glance, you’d say the Revenge Type I is a near-perfect replica of the original Benrus. Speaking in terms of visual elements, you’d be right. But we’ve “fixed” where the old Benrus fell short.

1- We’ve made the bezel unidirectional from the bi-directional of the Benrus. If you’re underwater and you knock the bezel it can only OVERestimate dive time. A bezel that moves both ways can potentially UNDERestimate the elapsed time underwater. That could be deadly.

2- We’ve added a screw-off case back. The original Benrus was a mono-bloc case- meaning there was no case back. It was solid. Water-resistance know-how has improved over the past 40+ years and we can now use a simple screw off case back.

3- The acrylic crystal used on the original Benrus was prone to scratching. Nothing bothers me more than seeing a scratch every time I glance at my watch. We use a hard mineral crystal. Only ruby and diamond can scratch it.

4- The original Benrus had welded-in “fixed” spring bars. This limited your strap choice to only NATO straps. Our Type I has removable spring bars so you can use any kind of strap you desire. Rubber, leather… and of course, NATO straps.

5- We’ve added a more accurate movement. In it’s best day, an original Benrus can be off 30-seconds every day. With our caliber 2315… it gains just 1/10th of a second per day. It will take an entire month to be off 3 seconds. It will take 514 days to be off a minute. With the need to adjust for daylight savings time… you’ll never see 514 days straight.

Theses 2020 updates to the original design make this a far superior watch. And you don’t need to fork over $4000 either!

First Production Run Completely SOLD OUT!

Our first production run sold out almost immediately. Why so fast? If you desire the look of the Benrus Type I, you had few (and costly) options. You can search for an original 70’s Benrus. It would cost about $4000. It would have old 70’s reliability and 70’s accuracy. Is four grand too rich for your blood? You could also pick up a MKII Paradive. Very nice watch. Beautiful watch actually! It retails for $899 as of this writing. There’s also a $299 Marathon Navigator. Its cheaper than the MKII, but the case is made from plastic resin. Our watch is made from real metal and costs just $59 shipped with the $100 discount. So when you have to choose $4000, $899, $299 or $59… it’s easy to see why we can’t keep them in stock. At $59, you can wear it and ENJOY it free from worry. As a soldier would. Can’t say that about a $4000 watch- or even a $900 watch. Wear it to the gym. Wear it in the garage. Beat the hell out of it. Soldiers did.

We Couldn't Ship You One Today If We Wanted To.

We have ZERO Type I watches in our warehouse today. We couldn’t ship you one out today if we wanted to. But there’s good news. We’ll have a few hundred in our warehouse in about 10-14 days. First come, first served. Limit 1 per customer! If you asked me, I’d imagine they’ll sell out within a few hours. You want this watch. You can order yours today- no credit card required. We’ll put your name on the order list… and once they are ready to ship- then you can settle up. Your good word is your bond. We’ll send you an email with a payment link once the watches are in-stock. Just pay up within 24 hours of receiving the link.

Accuracy Measured For 30-Days.

No watch leaves our factory before being measured for an entire month. Here’s how technicians do it: On the first day of the month, they set the time on each and every Type I watch. On the 15th they measure how accurate it is. Movements that are not up to spec are disregarded never to be sold. By “spec” we mean they have to be less than 2 seconds off at the 15-day mark. Those that pass are measured yet again at the 30-day mark. By the 30th day, we do not accept or ship a watch that is more than 3 seconds off. We treat our Type I as a genuine military watch. Most will never see combat… but if they did, they’d perform flawlessly.

2-Year Warranty.

Like large watch companies, we offer a 2-year warranty against defects. You’re protected for any time during the first 24 months after you bought. If the watch does not perform as expected, we will repair or replace at our cost.

Order Yours Today- No Credit Card Required.

These days, you don’t have to earn one of these watches the hard way. You can simply buy one. By filling out the form below with your name and email address… you are guaranteed a watch when they arrive from overseas. Our watches are made to spec in Japan to identical proportions to the 1970’s Benrus design. We’ll send you update emails over the next few days. And once your watch is ready to be shipped… we’ll send you a secure payment link to settle up your $59. Shipping is included also. Limit 1 per customer.

30-Day In-Home Evaluation

If you have a fetish for military-style “tool” watches, you can’t do any better than this watch. First, by drawing on a classic design based on pure operational military need. Then by re-imagining it with 2020 know-how and a keen sense of detail. Divers… outdoorsmen… adventurers… military operators… or even guys who only “desk dive”… this is a solid choice. Rugged looks… durability… and insanely accurate time-keeping. It’ll take 514 entire days and nights to be just 1 minute off.

Military watches are highly-collectible today and command sky-high prices. And with such a small supply to begin with, the prices will only continue to rise. Our Type I is what we would produce as a 2020 version of the legendary Benrus. We’re most excited that we were able to build and sell this watch to you for $59 shipped. No wonder we can’t keep them in stock. Order yours right now- no payment or credit card required. You have a full month to decide if you want to live it it or not. If not, send it back for a refund. But after a few people compliment it… you’ll have a hard time parting with it for $259… let alone $59.

Order Today: No Credit Card Required.

We do not need your credit card today. All we need is your name, your email address, and your good word. By saying “yes”, you are guaranteed one of our next 100 Revenge Type I timepieces. They will become available in approximately 10-14 days. We do not need a payment today. Your good word is your bond. You’ll pay us when the watch is ready to ship. We will send you email updates over the next few days about the progress of your watch. Can you see this tough-as-nails TOOL watch on your wrist? If the answer is YES… then order yours today. At $59… it’s a no-brainer.